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I'm making it somehow. A lot of changes this past year and many more to come.

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Seriously considering living in a yurt until we have enough money to build a real home

Everything is falling into place, except the house. No matter what we do, or what we try, we just can’t scrap together enough money. We can’t see ourselves living anywhere else, and even if we did all we could afford wouldn’t be as nice. I hate that the one thing we truly want, is right in front of us but keeps getting pulled right out. I feel like crying every time I think about it. I hate not having more funds.

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Dulé Hill takes the #IceBucketChallenge
         ”I nominate Jaleel White, Lamorne Morris, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Andrew Porteous, and Georgia Maher. That’s right - I’m talking to you @TexasArtChick! I’m doing this for the late Andrene Dipronio, always love to the Gabay family!”

Yay! Dulé did the challenge and nominated his Psych co-stars!

For more information on ALS and how to donate, check out

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Give your cat the  F L O A T I N G     J U D G E M E N T     B O X     to allow them to stare at your half finished work from afar


Give your cat the  F L O A T I N G     J U D G E M E N T     B O X     to allow them to stare at your half finished work from afar

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life hacks have gone too far

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Gordo keepin it real

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Kids Are Given Game Boys, Feel Instant Sadness

Ah, Game Boys. Forget your 3DS and your iPad mini: there was a day when these handheld hunks of 8-bit glory owned the playground. But these kids don’t remember it so watch the full hilarious video of their reactions to the original Game Boy here. 

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The last kid knows what’s up

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i love the series’ progress

series 1: we don’t even know if sherlock can drive

series 2: he drives a car

series 3: he drives a motorbike

series 4: is that a helicopter?

its probably gonna be some futuristic shit, because by the time season 4 comes out that’ll exist

Series 5: Beam me up, Mrs. Hudson.


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